Epic Rains = Wildflowers on the Ranch

After very big rainy winter, the wildflowers have gone NUTS on our ranch. We get to enjoy them for a short while before they die. Unfortunately, we have to mow a lot of them before they dry in preparation of fire season which will start in just a few weeks! Then our ranch will turn into a hot, brown dust bowl for 6 months with not one green blade of grass to be seen until winter!


Oh and Rebel the ranch dog goes swimming for the very first time EVER in his life!  It took him a while, but he just couldn’t stand not having his ball any longer and finally jumped in!



After the Storm – Damage Assessment!

I HATE not having trees in the summer, however, in the winter, it’s a good thing to NOT have trees.

We had a huge storm yesterday and last night that blew down so many of my friends trees. There were many homes damaged from trees falling on them in the area!  Not me, NO TREES!

However, I had to make sure my barns were still in place and animals were all ok!