Who is Twyla?  Weeellllll…… Twyla was born at Burning Man in 2001.  She was an alter-ego that had been inside of me (Jan) all along and kind of “happened” while living on the Playa.  My sister (Marleen) became “Patsy” and that is what we have been calling each other from then on. I don’t even recognize my real name coming out of my sister’s mouth.

What do I do?  Freaking… EVERYTHING!  I’m one of those people who can’t sit still. I’m having a hard time writing this because the outside is calling me to go out and PLAY!

So, here is the rundown..

I sing, I play stringed instruments, I hike, I write books, I make documentaries, I make music videos, I ride horses, I used to trick ride on horses professionally, I paint portraits, I make other art stuff, I silversmith, I travel, I try and make people laugh with my stupid “comedy”, I life coach, I speak, I DON’T Cook…well I do, but I don’t like it!

I may be leaving some things out, but you’ll get to see what I do through my blog. What I really hope to do is INSPIRE others to get out and do EVERYTHING that makes you happy!  Within legal, moral and safe limits of course. (Disclaimer to the Cray Cray peeps out there) In other words don’t hurt yourself and/or others in the process.

Check out my FULL Youtube Channel at www.youtube.com/janmendoza


Twyla (orange) Patsy (Green) Burning Man 2001