Day Pack

What I carry ALL THE TIME when hiking (even for the day)  A three mile hike can turn into a life changing event!  Be prepared!!! 

  • Compass (and know how to use it!) (I took the REI class!)
  • Bivy Bag (emergency blanket to keep warm)
  • 2 extra emergency “space” blankets
  • Map (for your area to work with your compass)
  • Fire Starting Stuff. (I have a lighter, also a flint starter, and cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly to get a fire going fast)
  • Water – extra food
  • Layers of clothes and rain gear (pants and jacket that I stupidly took out of my pack)
  • Hydration tabs
  • Water filter (Sawyer Squeeze)
  • Water Treatment tabs
  • Extra Cell Phone charging packs (2) with cables (just make sure they are also charged and ready to go) mostly used for GPS signal
  • Duct tape (wrapped to my hiking poles)
  • para cord (50 feet)
  • knife
  • Emergency Locator Beacon
  • First Aid Kit
  • Tyvek (can be used as a tarp, ground cover, footprint for shelter,etc) It’s very light and water resistant
  • Headlamp
  • Signal Mirror (with spotting hole)
  • Hand warmer
  • I also have all sorts of GPS hiking/topo map apps on my phone such as Gaia  You don’t need a cell signal, just a charged phone. Nice to have, but also learn to use a compass and map!