Lions & Bears OH MY! A snowy creepy hike to Martis Peak Lookout!

This week we take a hike up to Martis Peak Lookout Tower that looks out over the Tahoe and Truckee Basin.  We encounter some very large bear and mountain lion tracks and get to play in the first snow fall of the year!


On Top of the World Hike-AKA-I can’t Believe I Walked up That Hike!

The Sierra Buttes lookout tower was originally perched on top of this rock at 9000ft back in 1915! Can you believe it?

Over the years the original wooden structure was replaced by concrete and metal. In 1964 the crazy STRAIGHT UP stairs were put in place.

How the workers got up to the lookout before the stairs is beyond me as I can’t find any information or pictures of this lookout tower back in the old days!

If anyone has info and pics, please share!!!

This tower has been decommissioned and again, I can’t find any information on when they stopped using it. I guess I could call the Forest Service!

Anyway, this is a MUST DO hike. However… if you are afraid of heights, or have vertigo, you might not want to go all the way up on the crazy stairs. They are steep and I really had to concentrate on my footing and not look behind me as I went up! Going down wasn’t as scary.

Up and Up and UP Mt. Harkness

The trail is “short”…4.5 miles. The trail goes UP and UP ; the grade takes you from 5300 feet  to about 8300 feet. By the time you are within eyesight of the lookout tower, your lungs are screaming…. DONE! Your legs are crying out…. STOP, GO BACK!  Your brain is saying.. keep going cuz the view at the top is going to be EPIC! And it WAS!  So Epic!

Where: Lassen National Park – Chester entrance