Tales from the John Muir Trail

Ok, we aren’t actually ON the John Muir Trail, but my hiking buddy John Denning HAS done all 210 miles of that high Sierra trail and he has quite a story to tell about his 2015 adventure while we hike  the Hidden Falls Trail located in the foothills of N. California near Auburn.

After hiking the Steven’s trail the day before, I thought I’d just do an easy 10 miler on the Hidden Falls Trail which is just down the road from my ranch. This is a wonderful trail and has some moderate hills to keep you in shape! Wellll….. my knee was giving me some problems and I didn’t get to do my usual 10 miles and only did 6.5, but, hanging with John and his hiking stories made it all worth it!

Here is just a taste of his 21 day treck with great pics he took!  Oh someday, I hope to do just a smidgen of that trail.

Lets HIKE!



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