Type 2 Fun? Or Type 2 BULLSH*T?

On Halloween, I did my hardest hike yet by trying to get to the top of 11,000 foot Mt Talac. It’s a 3200 feet elevation gain in 5.5 miles. This wouldn’t have been a big deal for me if it weren’t for the 1.5 miles of steep rock scramble up a steep bowl. Once we got up to the top of that boulder Hell, I was spent. We had another mile and another 1100 vertical feet to go and I just couldn’t do it with daylight running out on us. These pics are from the top of the bowl and you can get a glimpse of the rock we had to climb over that lasted forever.
Going back down that rock field took a couple of hours and I twisted my ankle a couple of times. It was so hard on my legs, they started to cramp towards the end of that boulder Bullshit (as I called it all the way down) once we got to a normal trail, my legs felt better and we made it back to the car just as the sun set. We were prepared to hike in the dark, but the temp was dropping drastically and it would have been miserable even though I was prepared for cold. I’m always prepared for the worst when hiking the Mountains. So Mt Talac isn’t completely off of my list, next year I’ll attempt it again but from the back side of the mountain. I hear the view from the top of Talac is the best in the Tahoe area. Not done with you yet Mt Talac. Have you done Talac? Do you have a Type 2 BullShit story?

The Loooooong Climb to the Sea

Follow the adventures of Pokey, Tumbleweed and Sparkles as they make their way up and over many steep hills on a three day backpack to Pt. Reyes National Seashore in Northern California.  Spoiler alert… there will be Tequila, Rum and Whiskey!

Working out My Brain – 2018 is Gone Baby!

Hello friends and Happy New Year!  When I look back on this past year, I think of what I accomplished and what I wish to accomplish next year.  I think the biggest thing for me in 2018 was climbing all those Sierra Peaks!  I made 12 trips to mountains as high as 11 thousand feet!  Yep, next year I hope to make it at least 15 if not 20!  I also plan on doing a back packing trip in the High Sierra in 2019.

I also decided to learn new things in 2018.  I started studying Geology, Astrology and a little Sciences of the Cosmos thrown in.  Hefty subjects, I KNOW!  But as my mind ages, I figure I better do some heavy lifting to keep it in shape. Rocks and stars have always intrigued me as I hike mountains and see ancient lava flows and look up at to the vastness of space on my ranch where there isn’t much light to obstruct the view of our galaxy.  Just what else us up there?  What the heck is going on down below?  I have so many questions!

And in the very end of this year, I am re-learning how to pencil draw. I’ve been painting in acrylics since 2012, but this year I thought I’d go back to where it all began as a high school student.  Pencil. I was so good back then, but for some reason, I stopped.


So, in the video below is a timelapse video of me drawing Legendary Actor, James Dean and the story of my re-learning something with something special thrown in at the end.

Have a Happy New Year, and I hope you do something you’ve NEVER done, or Re-learn something you used to do!


Trip to Mars – No Space Suits Required

This year, during one of our (every few years )trips to the National Finals Rodeo week in Las Vegas, we decide to get a car and take a drive out to the fantastic Valley of Fire State Park! This gem is only about an hour out of town and well worth the drive! Even if you are unable to walk through this wild patch of earth, driving through the park and and stopping at the many vistas, taking in the wonders of our magnificent earth is (in my opinion) much more exciting than anything man-made on the Las Vegas strip!

Take a look at this link to get the full history of this park and landscape: https://www.valley-of-fire.com/